Specialized Services

Our Import and Export Departments are staffed with experts in both Air and Ocean Logistics.


We use cutting-edge warehouse management systems for precision and efficiency in logistics.


A wide variety of transportation options gets your freight where it needs to be.


Customized Solutions


In 2017, BTX Global Logistics handled over 100,000 shipments to and from 166 countries.

Charter Services

Locating the correct aircraft fast is the most critical element in chartering operations. BTX Global Logistics uses vendors that we connect to each and every day to fulfill your charter requirements. 

Charter Services

BTX’s experienced procurement teams will match your cargo with the appropriate equipment to fit your schedule’s requirements. No matter how hopeless your situation may seem, BTX can find you a fast, safe and affordable solution.

With BTX you get:

  • The support of a team of time-sensitive, critical freight experts who know how to take care of your high-value shipments
  • The best transportation solution for your cargo whether a standard flight is available or a cargo charter must be found scheduled
  • Access to a wide coverage network of trusted carriers
  • Access to BTX Global Logistics’ rates
  • Ground shipping services to get your goods to the starting airport and from the receiving airport to its destination
Charter Options

From Turboprops to 747s, BTX provides several charter options for customers to choose from:

  • Small Prop
  • Turbo Prop
  • Small Jet
  • Jet
  • Long Range Jet

Each aircraft type has different weight & size restrictions. Your BTX logistics personnel will find you the best solution for your needs.