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BTX Global Logistics ships over 4 million lbs. of freight per week.

Online Shipping

Online Shipping

The MyBTX platform is a proprietary online shipping platform designed by BTX Global Logistics to make the managing and tracking of your shipping process easy and intuitive. With MyBTX, customers can quote, ship, track, report, and much more.

MyBTX: Quote, Ship, Track & Report with Ease & Efficiency

BTX Global Logistics has taken the pain out of shipping with its intuitive online platform. Designed by BTX’s team in 2002, MyBTX has evolved to include a host of built-in features including templates, address books and lookups, notifications and more. With MyBTX, customers can request shipment quotes, track invoices, look up a shipment status and create reports.


The MyBTX platform features the following:
  • A Convenient, User-friendly Dashboard. MyBTX’s interface can be customized to work the way that makes the most sense to you.
  • Instant Quotes. Just enter origin and destination zip codes, package details and get your quote in seconds. Quotes can be saved for up to 30 days so you don’t lose your work or turned into a shipment with the click of a button.
  • Complete Control and Visibility. From pick-up to delivery, use MyBTX to track every step of your shipment’s transportation pipeline.
  • Real-Time Reporting. Get tailored reporting for your needs.
  • Supply-Chain Management. Allow BTX Global Logistics to help manage your supply chain through one of our strategically-located fulfillment centers. View warehouses, monitor inventory levels and see your adjusted inventory — all managed from MyBTX’s customizable dashboard to increase operational efficiency.