Global Shipping

We use cutting-edge warehouse management systems for precision and efficiency in logistics.


A wide variety of transportation options gets your freight where it needs to be.


Our experience in shipping allows us to specialize in a number of areas in the industry.


Customized Solutions


BTX imports the most shipments from China, Germany and Taiwan.

Customs Brokerage

BTX's in-house Customs Brokerage Division is intimate with all aspects of imports and related documentation regardless of country of origin, commodity or mode of transportation. Whether it's anticipating the need for international and cross-border documentation or working closely with government agencies to get your freight cleared in a timely manner, our Customs brokers have the knowledge and experience to find the best solution for all your importing needs.

What are the benefits of using BTX Customs Brokerage?
  • Streamlined International and Cross-Border Services for Peace of Mind and Reduced Overhead Costs:
    • Knowledgeable and experienced Customs Brokerage team
    • Complete compliance management for expedited cargo processing
    • Customs clearance for all U.S. Ports and Puerto Rico
    • One broker and one signed Power of Attorney (POA) eliminates paperwork and the need for multiple brokers at different ports
    • In-Bond transportation
    • Real-time communication with key government agencies working in conjunction with CBP
    • Access to BTX's worldwide network
  • International Documentation Preparation and Facilitation:
    • AES filings for exports
    • Carnets for all U.S. Ports and Puerto Rico
    • ISF filing for ocean shipments
    • E-bond filing, when required
    • Import Surety Bonds
  • Cross-Border Documentation Preparation and Facilitation:
    • U.S., Canada and Mexico
    • PARS, PAPS, USMCA, Pedimento, and more
  • State-of-the-Art Technology for Transparency and Visibility:
    • Email notifications provide timely updates on the status of your shipment
    • Electronic storage of all documentation available for quick tracking and retrieval