Global Shipping

We use cutting-edge warehouse management systems for precision and efficiency in logistics.


A wide variety of transportation options gets your freight where it needs to be.


Our experience in shipping allows us to specialize in a number of areas in the industry.


Customized Solutions


BTX imports the most shipments from China, Germany and Taiwan.

Customs Brokerage

BTX Global Logistics is intimate with border crossing documentation and related regulations. Our in-house custom brokers can anticipate the need of any trans-border documentation to facilitate the movement of your cargo regardless of its country of origin, destination or mode of transportation.

We understand that global customs and trade compliance laws are always changing and stay current on all import and export regulations to ensure that all of your documentation is prepared properly for customs clearance.

Our logistics and customs experts are always available to answer your questions. We are here to expedite the movement of your shipments with confidence and efficiency.

Services include:

  • AES Filings
  • Carnets and Customs Clearance
  • Cross-Border Services for U.S./Canada and U.S./Mexico border cross border shipments
  • Documentation Preparation
    • PARS
    • PAPS
    • NAFTA
    • Pedimento
    • And More
  • Supply-chain alerts are available to provide timely updates on the issues affecting the movement of your goods between countries