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BTX’s imports the most shipments from China, Germany and Taiwan.


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Does BTX deliver directly to convention facilities?
BTX delivers shipments directly to convention facilities, hotels, fair sites or wherever your trade show, trade fair or convention is being held. BTX will also deliver to the advance warehouse for the specific show.

Does BTX work with the unions at the show halls? 

BTX has developed a strong relationship with most of the decorators around the country.  We are actively shipping in and out of convention centers on a daily basis. So our associations are stronger than most when it comes to getting in and out of the halls and marshalling yards in a timely fashion. In many cases we act as the preferred carrier and Advanced Receiving Warehouse on behalf of the decorators.

Does BTX offer representation on the show floor?
You will find that on most larger shows we are already on the floor assisting our customers. If you have particular need at a show, please give us a call. We will gladly be there to help you out.

Does BTX offer communication on the off hours during show-times (after hours and weekends)?
24/7 communication is commonplace for BTX. We offer complete end to end communication: We will be speaking with your reps on the floor, our drivers and the decorator if necessary to ensure your show is successful.

Does BTX ship for trade shows internationally?
We have gathered years of experience and association with our international show management teams to develop a strong and successful partnerships with all major show services overseas. Working closely with customs and those overseeing each show, we stand proud with the excellent service record we have in our international show division. 

Does BTX ship truckload into exhibits as well as small, portable booths?
Planning your next show or your corporate event offers enough challenges on its own: transportation should not be one of those! Whether your needs are a multi-truckload caravan, or as easy as a small pop-up, BTX is there to assist in your smallest to your largest exhibit needs.