BTX Web Services

The services we provide are the cornerstone of our business, and part of those services includes the value technology brings to the shipping process. BTX Web Services provide access to the functionality of BTX, allowing customers to bypass the traditional HTML forms process and to make shipping with BTX a more streamlined process. 

BTX Web Services allow customers to easily integrate shipping functionality directly into their business applications and websites.  Quoting, booking and tracking features are available via SOAP-based web services.

SOAP-Based Web Services

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a method for the development of Web Services used to exchange structured information between different existing computer networks.  Using Extensible Markup Language (XML), SOAP-based web services transmit information through a basic messaging framework utilizing Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Following are the BTX Web Services currently available:

Available Web Services Service Type Sample Code
Quote a Shipment SOAP  Rating
Book a Shipment SOAP  Booking
Track a Shipment



Our team of IT professionals are available to provide additional information on BTX Web Services as well as assist you through the implementation process. Click below to get started:

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